Call for Papers

The Call for Papers is now closed.

The IPA 2021 uses a two-stage process. The first stage was the call for panels, and you can find the list of panels selected by the IPA advisory board below.

Paper proposals for these panels should be sent directly to panel convenors. The deadline for paper proposals is 31 March 2021.

Paper abstracts will be evaluated by panel convenor(s) and you will be notified of the outcome by 20 April 2021.

Please note you can submit your paper to the Open Panel (OP) if you have a paper that reflects a theoretical, empirical and/or methodological issue in interpretive policy analysis but does not specifically apply to any of the themed panels.

Paper proposals should be sent as an e-mail attachment to panel convenors and include:
– Name, e-mail address, and institutional affiliation of author(s)
– Number and title of the panel
– Title of the paper
– An abstract of 250- 500 words

All the panels are listed below. You can read each panel proposal in full by clicking on the panel title. If you prefer you can download a pdf document which includes all panel proposals by clicking here.

P1 – Environmental (Policy) Discourse Analysis: Novel Approaches, Methods, Topics
Sina Leipold, Machteld Simoens, Anran Luo
P2 – Critical Interpretations of “Justice” in Sustainability Transitions
Jennifer Dodge, Tamara Metze
P3 – Policy making and democracy in an era of post truth
Jennifer Dodge, Tamara Metze
P4 – Relational Place-Making of Public Space
Emil van Eck, Rianne van Melik
P5 – How policy conflicts develop: interpretation and action in policymaking
Imrat Verhoeven, Wouter van Dooren, Tamara Metze, David Laws, Eva Wolf
P6 – Shifting the frames: COVID-19 and the place of ‘space’
Janet Newman, Eleanor Jupp
P7 – Public participation in local governance: the implications of COVID-19
Claire Bynner, Oliver Escobar
P8 – Value concepts in contemporary policymaking
Katharina Theresa Paul, Saheli Datta Burton, Barbara Prainsack, Gabrielle Samuel
P9 – Call for Participation: Methodology Workshops
Severine van Bommel
P10 – Transformative Space: action research, innovative practice and system change
Severine van Bommel , Anne Loeber, Julia Wittmayer, Koen Bartels
P11 – Narratives, frames and knowledge in the current energy and climate debate
Julia Wittmayer, Sabine Hielscher
P12 – Then and There, Here and Now, Everywhere and Always, Nowhere and Never? Spatial and Temporal Puzzles in the Study of Politics and Policy
John Clarke, Paul Stubbs, Mislav Žitko
P13 – Spaces of inclusion and exclusion
Emilia Palonen, Kanerva Kuokkanen, Stephen Connelly
P14 – Interpreting Public Policy for the Rural Periphery
Jane Wills, Joanie Willett, Nick Woolgrove
P15 – New Paradigms in Urban Policy? Exploring Interpretive Approaches to Policy Change in Controversial Urban Policy Fields
Nils Grube, Enrico Gualini
P16 – Co-shaping space: the methodological challenges of investigating human – non-human interactions and opening up cross-disciplinary dialogues
Susan Boonman-Berson, Severine van Bommel
P18 – Critical Policy Discourse Analysis
Michael Farrelly, Jane Mulderrig, Nicolina Montesano Montessori
P19 – Discourse as an Interface in the study of Interactions between China and the World: Foreign Policy, Narratives, and Diplomacy
Steven Langendonk, Richard Turcsanyi
P20 – The Spatial Politics of Governance
Natalie Papanastasiou, Steven Griggs, Colin Lorne
P21 – The informal practices of making policy (work)
Sarah Ball, Tamara Mulherin
P22 – Reclaiming participatory governance: how social movements are re-imagining democratic innovations
Sonia Bussu, Adrian Bua
P23 – Working between the worlds of politics and knowledge: critical approaches to knowledge mobilisation
Hannah Durrant, Eleanor MacKillop, James Downe
P24 – Critical Discourse Analysis, Discourse Theory and Hegemony
Nicolina Montesano Montessori, Michael Farrelly, Jane Mulderrig
P25 – If Einstein had been a political scientist – the theory and analysis of ‘political space’ and ‘political time’
Thomas Jacobs, Craig Love
P26 – Making just transitions: Re-assembling communities and scale
Shivant Jhagroe, Eefje Cuppen, Marja Spierenburg
P28 – Performative Space of Crises and Democracy
Hye Yun Kang
P30 – Interpretive Policy Analysis: Bringing Social Meaning Back in
Frank Fischer, Douglas Torgerson
P31 – Grounded Normative Theory and Public Policy
Wanda Spahl, Mirjam Pot
P32 – Commons in the Real World: Can They Be a Democratic and Sustainable Alternative to Market Capitalism?
Hendrik Wagenaar, Koen Bartels
P33 – Open Panel S1: Interpreting Power & Protest
P33 – Open Panel S2: Politics of Digital Practices & Technology
P33 – Open Panel S3: Interpreting Global Politics & Cooperation
P33 – Open Panel S4: Planning, Environment & Sustainability
P33 – Open Panel S5: Planning, Environment & Sustainability
P33 – Open Panel S6: Administration, Policy & Practice